Monsu 2

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Basic Information

  • Action and Adventure
  • 1.8.0
  • 2018-04-25
  • 72.39MB

About The Game

The sequel of Monsu, App Store Best of 2014, is coming now! Run, jump, fly or even ride the dragon! Monsu is a parkour game based on collecting cards. Upgrade your cards to defeat boss and bring up your own boss. Defeat players from all over the world to rank first on the world tree. Could you finally find the mysterious treasure left by the God of Monsu? "FEATURES Amazing graphics and high quality game play Simple tap controls Collect various cards to defeat different levels Collect and upgrade countless characters, power-ups, weapons and mounts Defeat the boss and bring up your own boss Compete with global players to climb up the world tree" "DISCOVER MYSTERIOUS TREASURES Guiding by the great wizard, find the treasure left by the God of Monsu, start the exploration in the ancient ruins." "COLLECT POWERFUL CARDS Collect tons of unique, epic and rare companion cards. Flaming red dragon, lion king who likes eating magic berry, witch who likes kidding. Collect and upgrade them all to become your biggest advantage!" "DEFEAT POWERFUL BOSS To protect the treasures, the God of Monsu left one powerful boss in each ancient ruin. You have to defeat them to get more clues for the treasures." "BRING UP YOUR OWN BOSS Defeat the boss, make it as your own assistant, equip it with powerful cards and protect your land" "BEAT GLOBAL PLAYERS Play with players from all over the world, defeat their bosses and climb up to the top of the world tree." If you encounter any problem, please contact us via support@17waa.com for help and support.

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